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SBCLTR is a Los Angeles-based event promotion and music distribution cooperative. Known for immersive underground electronic music gatherings, SBCLTR has become a LA institution with worldwide aspirations, hosting events in Israel, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom.


From inspired event production to stimulating soundscapes, SBCLTR is committed to creating attendee experiences that are more just than another night out. Our electronic music events promise a welcoming social atmosphere blessed by the talents of today's most innovative digital artists and musicians.


We are creating special moments using the magical energy harnessed when like-minded people gather in the name of good spirit, good intention, and communal progression. With extraordinary artists, critical thinkers, and innovators, we can create a new, conscious, and enlightened society. SBCLTR, paving the way to an open future where cultures are immersed and all becomes possible.

Each event is highly conceptualized in production, sound, design, location, and creative collaborations to fulfill a sophisticated underground experience with selected unique DJs from around the world for all tastes of underground electronic music... SBCLTR encourages artistic expression allowing talent to breakthrough, some having very successful LA debuts, and is an outlet for creative ingenuity. We’re making some beautiful magic along the way to a lifetime of memories.

We curate trends and alternative cultures in need of a voice!

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